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Solutions for a sustainable  growth

In a fast-changing world,  we support companies with solutions that are adapted to their needs
so they can grow in a sustainable and cost-effective way

Supporting  business growth

Operating at the heart of the real economy, we support businesses with equipment finance solutions adapted to their needs.

Our solutions are designed to suit manufacturers, distributors, publishers as well as professional clients and their businesses. Regardless of the sector or size, we finance their equipment sales and investments in 18 countries across 3 continents. Computers, LED lighting systems, trucks, tractors, refrigerated display cabinets and more: we cover a very wide range of professional equipment.

Our finance solutions with add-on services respond to a broad range of needs and make it easier to manage equipment. Firstly, they enable companies to replace equipment easily to meet new regulations or benefit from the latest technological advances. Our leasing solutions also allow them to outsource the inherent risks of owning equipment, while optimising their cash flow. And with the services we offer, such as maintenance and fleet management, our clients have fewer administrative and regulatory concerns.

Our clients’ needs are constantly evolving. We therefore ensure that the solutions we offer also evolve at the same pace. Already anchored in an economy based on use value over sale value, and usage over ownership, we’re looking ahead at impact of a pay-per-use business model and the opportunities it brings.

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Supporting our customers and partners in new markets

are covered by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

Where we are

Be it a VSE, an SME or a multinational, we support the growth of all companies in 14 European countries as well as in North America and China.

Our aim is to partner with companies where they need it most, offering a global suite of solutions paired with local support. With this in mind, we extended our geographical presence with two acquisitions in 2018. We first acquired Landkreditt Finans AS in Norway, enabling us to support our customers and partners in the Nordic countries. We also acquired IKB Leasing Romania, which reinforces our teams in this rapidly developing country.

Norway: Acquisition of Landkreditt Finans AS Romania: Acquisition of IKB Leasing


Financing a wide range of professional equipment

From combine harvesters to smartphones to dentist chairs, we finance a large and constantly expanding range of professional equipment.

Our experts support professionals in sectors such as agriculture, construction, materials handling and transport. We also offer solutions for technological equipment: computer hardware, communications infrastructure, security systems, LED lighting, and also specialised technologies like medical equipment.

We are constantly expanding the range of equipment that we finance and are experts in. These include LED lighting systems for businesses and local authorities, electric charging stations, wine production equipment (press, barrel, etc.), milk, beer and olive oil production equipment (centrifuges and homogenisers) and more.

We can also finance any equipment needed to open a new business like a store or a restaurant: furniture, audio systems, cash registers, refrigerated display cases and so on.


Enabling better equipment management

Our ambition is to support business growth by offering solutions adapted to specific needs. Our finance solutions with add-on services particularly provide many financial, practical and environmental benefits.

Above all, our solutions offer great flexibility, which makes it easy to renew equipment regularly in order to meet new regulations and benefit from technological innovations. As a result, professionals have access to equipment that is not only up-to-date and efficient, but often less polluting with lower energy consumption too.

Lease financing has clear economic advantages. Based on a monthly payment system, this solution firstly enables companies to better manage their budget and preserve their capacity to invest while optimising their cash flow. It also lets them outsource operational risk and the costs of protecting owned assets from risk.

Finally, our finance solutions are complemented by extra services that improve competitiveness and environmental impact, contributing to the general peace of mind of the clients. The latter have access to insurance, as well as equipment maintenance, fleet management and even finance for stocking distribution networks. Together, this wide range of services makes business easier and allows the company to focus on its core activities.

We provide solutions and services for all companies, whether it’s an equipment manufacturer or distributor, a VSE, an SME or a multinational client.


Adapting to regulatory pressure and benefitting from technological progress

In addition to their economic and practical benefits, our solutions allow companies to renew equipment more often and therefore maintain access to the latest technological innovations. For example, a medical professional can have more efficient, more accurate devices ensuring better patient care. Similarly, a farmer can access ultra-modern tractors that are always adapted to the size of his operation.

The flexibility to change equipment also helps businesses comply with new regulations without straining their cash flow. Some sectors are subject to particular legal pressure, such as transport, lighting and food distribution; the objective is often to reduce environmental impact. The European ‘F-Gas’ regulation, for example, pushes agribusiness, logistics companies and supermarkets to use closed refrigerated display cabinets.

Promoting the energy transition is another reason to opt for leasing solutions, as they make it easier to access equipment that is less polluting or uses less energy. Not only this, but the equipment can be sold second-hand at the end of a contract, and used again.

Keep up with the changing regulations Benefit from technological progess Access more responsible technologies



The finance solutions offered help us in driving up the sales of our machines.

We have been working with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions for the past 15 years. The market conditions we work in are extremely competitive, so there is a pressing need to stand out in order to retain and expand our client base. The financing campaigns launched by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions are very well adapted to the needs of our local customers and help in driving up sales of our machines. Also, the sales teams are very proactive and are always there whenever we need help.”

Doroteo López Robles Owner / Comercial Agricola Logar / Agriculture Machinery Dealer / Spain

As a growing company, we need the possibility to constantly renew and expand our machinery.

As a farmer in Norway, the biggest challenges we face are the erratic weather conditions, especially the long winters, and high labour costs. This makes it necessary to have a modern and efficient fleet of machines, with a focus on streamlining production to keep the costs low. Bjertnæs and Hoel is a growing company and we need the possibility to constantly renew and expand our machinery, to keep up with the increasing production. BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions’ flexible financing options were a great help in this regard. We currently have a 5-year lease agreement (finance lease), but we’re considering leasing with residual value for the future which is sure to help us in expanding our operations in an economical way.”

Henrik Raastad Hoel Sales and finance manager / Bjertnaes and Hoel / Agriculture / Norway

Leasing solutions help us benefit from the latest and most innovative IT and office equipment.

The renewal of our equipment, provided for in our rental agreement, costs us much less than its maintenance and upgrade. So we end up avoiding multiple indirect costs, especially those related to support and maintenance which, on obsolete equipment, can be pretty high. At the same time, leasing solutions also help us benefit from the latest and most innovative IT and office equipment, which contributes to the agility of our company.”

Bruno De Lattre Head of IT and Telecoms / Grant Thornton / Audit, tax and advisory services firm / France


Going further tomorrow

One of the major challenges for business growth today is adapting to the product-as-a-service economy, an economic model in which companies sell the use of a product rather than the product itself. Our economy is leaning towards this model, under pressure from younger generations who are used to paying for usage rather than ownership, but also out of ecological necessity.

“Product-as-a-service systems help reduce waste and conserve natural resources via the circular economy. Manufacturers and financial institutions work together to maintain the value of equipment throughout its lifecycle. Products are designed to last as long as possible, so they can be refurbished and rented again or resold at the end of their first use. However, we must take further steps to achieve a true product-as-a-service economy based on a billing method that takes ‘real’ equipment use into account. Even though the IoT has already begun to enable this by letting us monitor machine use with precision, the road ahead is still long. But it is worth travelling, since the pay-per-use economy represents genuine opportunities for the companies we support.”

Pascal Layan – Deputy CEO of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

Usage and circular economy and pay per use

Fostering  sustainable development

Our commitment to business growth is part of our approach to sustainable development. Meeting the needs of our customers and partners and supporting ecological transition are not mutually exclusive; for us, they are inseparable.

Our finance solutions indeed facilitate access to equipment that promote energy transition. Thanks to leasing, companies can use more modern devices that consume less energy, such as LED lighting systems, or that rely on cleaner energies, such as electric commercial vehicles, without the need for sizeable investment.

Our solutions, based on leasing equipment and not owning it, also allow companies to be part of a circular economy. Unlike purchasing, which usually involves consuming a product and then disposing of it, our solutions help reintegrate products into the economic cycle after their use. They contribute to reducing businesses’ natural resource consumption, waste production and environmental footprint.

Keen to adapt our practices to ecological necessity, we continue to forge new initiatives and partnerships. In 2019, we laid the foundations for a strategic alliance with the Finnish company 3 Step IT. The objective: to offer complete and sustainable lifecycle management solutions for technological equipment across Europe.

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Financing the energy transition

Our finance solutions help companies acquire more modern, efficient equipment that is cleaner and less energy intensive. In fact, we regularly expand the range of ‘green’ equipment that we finance.

In 2018, we launched a finance product specifically for LED lighting systems, helping local authorities and private companies to reduce electricity consumption. As a result, our customers have been able to reduce both their energy bills and their environmental impact.

Our collaboration with IVECO is another example. Together with this European leader in alternative fuel vehicles, we can offer competitive finance solutions for vehicles that run on natural gas. This partnership is part of a vast European project aiming to reduce European CO2 emissions by 60% by 2030.

We are also contributing to the roll-out of electric vehicles by financing charging stations throughout France. We offer leasing solutions directly to companies, and indirectly through charging terminal manufacturers or electrical installers, for example.

By facilitating access to innovative ‘green’ equipment, we are contributing to our economy’s energy transition.


Promoting the circular economy

In order to promote sustainable development, we are launching more and more projects that support the circular economy. The challenge is to make better use of products and raw materials, to limit waste and conserve the planet’s natural resources.

It’s about breaking away from the linear economy — extracting resources, producing goods, using them and then throwing them away. We contribute to this shift by maximising the use of products and ensuring that they are recycled or refurbished at the end of their lifecycle.

With this in mind, we joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 programme. This initiative mobilises companies, public institutions and researchers with the aim of promoting the circular economy through alternatives to owning equipment, such as leasing solutions with additional services.

In 2018 also, we launched Kintessia, the first B to B marketplace for agriculture, transport, and construction equipment. This fully-secure platform connects professionals who need equipment with those who want to rent theirs. This is one way to optimise the use of equipment while providing a value-added service to professionals.

Lastly, in March 2019, we concluded a European partnership with Canon Medical Systems aiming to give a second life to medical imaging devices such as MRI, X-ray and ultrasound equipment. In this context, we will offer solutions that consist of providing new equipment to companies, then have it refurbished by the manufacturer – thus guaranteeing an optimal level of quality — before putting it back on the market to maximise its lifecycle. This makes the equipment more financially accessible to customers of Canon Medical Systems, while conserving the scarce resources needed to manufacture it.

A second life for medical equipment Kintessia and the sharing economy Our commitment to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation



LED lighting for more efficient, responsible and quality crops.

My goal was to be able to produce quality tomatoes throughout the year. Contrary to traditional lighting systems that tend to overheat, and sometimes even burn the tomato plants, the LED systems do not produce too much heat and therefore guarantee best quality tomatoes. LEDs also consume 40% less electricity compared to our old fluorescent compact lamps. In addition, we chose a system that relies on replaceable parts and so I don’t need to replace the whole system because of one faulty or obsolete part. It’s better for my budget and the environment. Thanks to the leasing solution provided by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, this cost is off my balance sheet. It is the most expensive investment I have ever made and I have already made money from it.”

Tom Vlaemynck Owner / Tomatomasters / Tomato farmer / Belgium

Our new production site is designed using innovative technologies that allow it to be highly energy efficient, with minimal environmental footprint.

With the aim to keep up with an increasingly demanding market context and to continue to grow despite that, we at Melandri Gaudenzio, decided to invest in a restructuring and expansion project for our historic production site. Leasing proved to be the most relevant solution for our long-term real estate financial plan. The building, which was officially inaugurated in September, last year, is designed using innovative technologies that allow it to be highly energy efficient, with minimal environmental footprint. It is also in line with the Industry 4.0 standards and hosts all our major operations: offices, plus an area specially dedicated to Research and Development. This results in higher levels of product quality and also has a positive impact on the well-being of the employees, through a unique combination of efficiency and flexibility.“

Roberta Colla Melandri Managing Director / Melandri Gaudenzio / Food industry / Italy


Going further tomorrow

Our long-standing objective of supporting the real economy, while promoting the circular economy, and subsequently sustainable development led us to form an alliance with Finnish company 3 Step IT.

Leader in its market in northern European countries, it specialises in the lifecycle management of technology equipment. Currently, our rental and fleet management activities are only marketed in France and Italy, under the BNP Paribas Rental Solutions brand. This partnership aims to expand our offer internationally and strengthen our ability to remarket equipment at the end of a contract.

Together with 3 Step IT, we will offer comprehensive and sustainable lifecycle management solutions for technology equipment at an international level. Our offer will include:

  • customer needs’ analysis − equipment financing
  • equipment follow-up via a dedicated online portal
  • equipment renewal, refurbishing and resale at contract end.

This comprehensive management system, from equipment provision to renewal, currently makes it possible to refurbish 98% of recovered equipment. It is then resold via partners to new users: businesses, schools, and other organisations. Only 2% of equipment is disposed of — and that’s managed in a responsible way.

This system optimises equipment use and conserves the natural resources required in manufacturing.

We will offer these services under the ‘BNP Paribas 3 Step IT’ brand in 20 European countries, directly to companies, and indirectly through our equipment manufacturer and distributor partners.*

* Subject to the approval of the different control authorities.

Digitalising customer  journeys

The ongoing improvement of customer and partner experience is our core priority. With this in mind, we seek to offer, beyond our solutions and services, a user journey that is increasingly digital.

The tools we’re developing guarantee customers a more direct and efficient route from understanding their needs, to a financial offer and an electronic contract signature.

Our expert teams are also working on API development, data mining and cloud-related opportunities. Since every system needs to be designed and updated with cybersecurity in mind, we are constantly strengthening our security protocols for increased levels of protection and control.

With the ambition to constantly improve the tools and solutions we offer, we have also recently put innovation programmes in place. These aim to develop new products and services based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice recognition and big data processing.

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Going digital for a better Customer experience

One of our top priorities is to digitalise our entire sales process.

With this in mind, we are constantly adapting our organisation and tools to make way for new technologies. Among the services we already provide, online applications allow to get a financing plan suitable to the needs expressed by the client, in just a few minutes. For more complex requests, our tools provide real time status updates — an effective way to save time, especially by limiting emails exchanged.

Digitalising customer journeys makes it important to guarantee information security at every step. We update our security parameters on a regular basis, with strong data protection measures and controls.

In 2018 our approach to innovation was awarded the Leasing Life Digital Innovation Award, by Europe’s leading leasing media body.

A digitalised user journey to foster efficiency Digital Innovation Award for our initiatives



The digital tools offered by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions allow us greater flexibility and efficiency in our ways of working.

The agricultural equipment market is heavily dependent on the more macro level developments in the sector, which makes the everyday business full of challenges and uncertainties. This calls for greater flexibility and efficiency in our ways of working, to be able to not only satisfy the clients’ needs, but also push for innovation. And the digital tools offered by BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions do just that! These tools make it very easy for us to process financial operations, starting from the request to the final offer. We have the possibility to offer the different finance solutions and contract terms and documentation to the clients with the least amount of effort, allowing us to redirect our time and resources to the core business.”

Detlev Mehrtens Executive Director / D. Mehrtens Maschinentechnik GmbH / Manufacturer of agircultural accessories / Germany

E-signature has dramatically boosted our efficiency.

When e-signature was introduced, our customer journey massively improved and so did our document accuracy rate. It is really intuitive and the feedback from our customers has been excellent. It’s helped us to close deals much quicker and improve our customers’ experience. We’ve worked with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions for over 10 years now, and we look forward to continuing growing together.”

Andrew Hurst et Jack Elliot Company Director and Operational Sales Manager / Global Vans / Van dealer / United Kingdom


Going further tomorrow

To strengthen our position as a European leader, and meet — even anticipate — the needs of our customers and partners, we have developed a true culture of innovation. We regularly implement programmes based on collective intelligence.

By fostering initiative among our local teams, we pursue new solutions that truly help our customers and will continue to do so in the long term. As part of our ‘Stretch Your Business’ innovation programme, we look ahead at the potential of disruptive technologies (those that will eventually replace a dominant technology in the market), in order to integrate them into our business development.

At first, we formed working groups tasked with proposing new business models that mixed new technologies with our current activity. Several projects have been selected, and we intend to bring them to market in 2019. Among them, some will exploit the benefits of voice recognition and machine learning (automatic learning with a chatbot) within a business perspective. Other projects will use artificial intelligence and big data processing to increase operational efficiency.